Diving Instructor Course for People with Disabilities

Adapted Diving Instructor Course IAHD

If you are a Dive Instructor or Divemaster, completing your training with this specialty course can be a perfect plan for you.

Do you want to help people enjoy diving? This is a unique opportunity. With the IAHD Adapted Diving Instructor Course you will learn to adapt all your passion for the underwater world to people with physical or sensory disabilities.

Working as an adapted diving instructor will fill you as a person. It will allow you to give the possibility to people with some disability, to feel the freedom to develop freely in the water.

What is the meaning of IAHD?

The IAHD is the international association for the certification of adapted divers and diving professionals (International Association for Handicap Divers). Since people with disabilities have different needs and require specially trained professionals who understand these requirements.

At the same time, it is necessary to have the necessary techniques to attend them adequately.

Development of the course of Adapted Diving

This adapted diving course is for professionals. Instructors or divemasters (from any recognized certifying body) will learn to adapt our passion for the underwater world to people with physical or sensory disabilities.

It is an interesting speciality for any diving instructor, as it opens up new fields of activity. The fact of being able to exercise our passion with “special” people. You will notice that they enjoy the sea even more than anyone else. The simple fact of giving the possibility to many people with some physical or sensorial problem, to develop freely in the water makes us feel that we fight for a better world.

The course begins by taking ourselves to the place of the person with the disability, and from there, learn what we can do to help or assist in the water.

Course requirements

To take this course you must be a Divemaster or Instructor. The course is exactly the same, if you are a Divemaster you will be certified as Divemaster IAHD, and if you later complete your training as an Instructor with any certifying entity, you will be upgraded to Instructor IAHD.


Course from: International Association for Handicap Divers (IAHD)

Course given by: Pedro Navarro (IAHD Trainer)

Dates: April 4 and 5, 2018 at Portosub Diving Center in Portonovo

Price for Instructors: 500 €.

Price for Divemaster: 900 €