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Discover the authentic experience of snorkeling accompanied by a qualified professional to enjoy your dive in depth.

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Discover the authentic experience of snorkeling accompanied by a qualified professional to enjoy your dive in depth. Snorkeling is available in the Cíes Islands and the Ons Islands.

Departures are for a minimum of 4 people to the islands and 2 people on the coast. In high season we organize groups, you can sign up at the center individually to join them.

Snorkel in the Cíes Islands

The snorkel in the Cíes Islands is the preferred activity for groups of friends and families who want to spend a different afternoon enjoying a unique enclave in the Rías Baixas.

It should be noted that it is an aquatic activity suitable for all ages in which there is no risk, as we will always have positive buoyancy.

The only requirement to carry out the activity is know how to swim .

Information about the activity

The activity will start in the Portosub Dive and Leisure Centre, where we will give you all the necessary material to enjoy snorkeling in a comfortable and safe way.

Among the material that we will give, we can highlight the complete wetsuit (7mm thick) so that you only think about enjoying without getting cold. You will also be equipped with booties, fins and integral diving mask with great angle of vision and snorkel tube incorporated.

Once the material has been delivered, we will move to the changing rooms to change and store our belongings in the lockers.

Now we can start the route to Cíes Island.

Route to the Cíes Islands

The departure by boat to the Cíes Islands will be from the Portonovo Yacht Club, which is also where we have the changing rooms.

When we are all on board, we will set sail for the Atlantic Islands Nature Reserve on Portosub’s own boat.

Our boat is of new construction, capable of 12 passengers plus two crew members. It has side seats to make the trip as comfortable as possible and with a swim ladder at the stern of the boat to be able to climb safely after the activity.

Once we arrive at the Cíes Islands, we will look for the most suitable zone to be able to carry out the activity in a safe and amusing way.

Duration of Snorkel

The duration of the activity will be of one hour inside the water, in which we will be able to see the infinity of species that inhabit the waters of the Natural Reserve.

The activity will always be carried out close to the coastal area and accompanied by a guide who will be able to solve any inconvenience during the activity.

During the journey to the Cíes Islands, it is easy to see schools of common dolphins playing in the water since in recent years they have been using our Pontevedra Estuary to reproduce and feed themselves due to its water rich in nutrients.

The journey to the Cíes Islands takes approximately 30 minutes and we will pass in front of the Costa da Vela, a unique enclave formed by virgin cliffs in which we will also be able to observe the Cabo Home lighthouse, one of the highest in Galicia.

After an hour of enjoying the water, it is time to return to Portonovo.

When we arrive at the base port, we will sweeten our equipment and we will be able to go to the changing rooms to take a hot shower to finish the experience in the best way.

Other details

We organize outings for groups in low season, and 3 times a week for everyone in high season (you must sign up directly in the center or by phone for the summer outings).

We also work hand in hand with various travel agencies, event organisers and bachelor parties. If you would like to organise something more personal, please contact us.

There is no minimum age, you just need to know how to swim. The wetsuit that is provided, gives enough buoyancy, which allows you to enjoy to the maximum without worrying about floating.

The boat has life jackets and it is possible to combine it with the activity of paddle surf.

Additional information


Coast near Portonovo (minimum 2 people), Cíes Islands (minimum 4 people), Ons Islands (minimum 4 people)


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