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Diving course promotion price

Price of PADI Diving courses (Scuba Diving)

Next you can see the prices of the most popular diving courses and of our activities. If you are already a Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor, IDC Staff or Superior, do not doubt to come and visit us! We are constantly enlarging our work team. .

You can consult our Diving Courses section, where you will be able to find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The courses include the materials, book, equipment and insurance for the duration of the course as well as the certification. We count with a digital option through which you can take the theoretical part from home. .

Check the sites of each course for further information. The practices are performed inside our installations in Portonovo. If you have any doubt, please contact us via e-mail on or via phone 607 083 551.

Open Water

no previous experience
340 from
  • PADI certification

  • Theoretical lessons (Online or in-person)

  • Equipment and insurance during the course


Advanced diving

It requires Open Water course
280 from
  • Theoretical lessons (Online or in-person)

  • Practices in Portonovo

  • Up to 30 meters deep

Rescue Diver

Check requirements
400 requires Emergency First Response
  • Theoretical lessons (Online or in-person)

  • Practices in Portonovo

  • Rescuing practices

Diving courses: Specialities prices

The best experience that you could ever gain. You will take speacialised practices through our PADI instructors with a variety of possibilities to combine. Besides you will be accumulating the necessary specialities to get an access to the Master Scuba Diver certification. Materials, practises and certificate included.

Search and Recovery

From Open Water
  • PADI Certification

Enriched Air Diver Nitrox

Nitrox Course
  • Theoretical lessons (Online or in-person)

Deep Diver

Advanced required
  • Increase your limit to 40 meters

Prices of departures and diving immersions

All immersions take place with both cylinder and Todas las inmersiones son con botella y plomos desde barco.. You can also rent a full diving suit if you want to! We depart every day, depending on the state of the sea. All the immersions count with a professional guide. We also have offers on both .

Diving excursion 30 €

Dive Complements

  • Rent of Full diving equipment +15€

    It consists of a jacket, regulator with octopus and manometer, diving suit, mask, slippers, flippers and gloves.

  • Underwater Flashlight 8
  • Underwater Computer 10

Diving on the Cíes, Ons and Sálvora islands

(Atlantic Islands National Park)

It is mandatory for diving on the Atlantic Islands to send your personal data to the center in order to acquire a permission. Your ID card, your level of certification as diver and the data of your insurance in force at the time.  In case of not having an insurance in force you can always hire it with us.

  • Snorkeling on the Ons island 40€

    Minimum groups of 4 people

  • Discover Scuba Diving in the Ons island desde 55 €
  • Diving on the Ons island/ on the Sálvora island 40 €
  • Diving on the Cíes islands 55 €
  • Double diving immersion on the Ons islands/ on the Sálvora islands 65 €
  • Double diving immersion on the Cíes islands 80 €
  • Renting of the diving equipment for immersions on the Cíes islands, the Ons islands and Sálvora 10€