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Compilation of the best diving videos made by Portosub. Different areas of Galicia such as Islas Cíes, Ons, Sálvora, Faros, Barchos Hundidos, Mar Rojo, Norte de España and more... Videos of Night Diving, of the practices of the courses, in the Cíes Islands, Ons, Sálvora, diving in bateas and a compilation of marine life.
diving trip

Simple steps to make a memorable journey

Travelling can be an exhausting experience. So much so that sometimes when we return home, we are happy to return to normal life. But before a trip can be fun and exciting, there is planning and preparation.
Bachelorette Party Ideas

Different Bachelorette Party Ideas

Do you want to surprise your friend and that she always remembers it? Leave the conventional and bet on different ideas. A Baptism of Diving in the Atlantic Islands or an afternoon of Snorkel in the Rías Baixas can be...
IAHD Certified Adapted Diving

Adapted Diving in Galicia

Today, all of our Instructors are Adapted Recreational Diving Professionals. Thanks to Instructor Trainer Pedro Navarro, all Portosub members are now prepared to give adapted diving courses, endorsed by the IAHD organization. They are now part of this select group, each as an Adapted Diving Instructor. With this new stage, in Portosub we intend to make diving possible for many people who until now had it more restricted.
Choosing a Diving Course

Choosing Right Diving Course

For those who have never done a diving course can seem complicated. Nothing is more certain of reality, it is quite simple if we know the classification used to progress in recreational diving. In this guide I intend to make it clear what each course is and how to choose the right one depending on your purpose.
Wreck in Galicia

Wrecks in Galicia

Galicia is an area of Spain that has a peculiar attraction for its naval history. Large ships have crossed its waters and some have unfortunately remained under them. Although surely many are still to be discovered, some can be visited today.

Afroditi-P – Dive Point

Last Sunday May 27th we had an excellent immersion in the Afroditi-P Wreck. The clarity and tranquility of the waters allowed us to be one hour under the water.
Dive Bottle Refill

Diving cylinder refilling

Dive Bottle Refill with Portosub: the compressor for the refill is at the Sanxenxo Centre. To recharge, you can bring them to the centre from 10:00 to 14:00 or from 16:00 to 20:00.
Diving in the Cies Islands (Vigo) from Sanxenxo

Diving in the Cíes Islands

To dive in the Islas Atlánticas National Park it is necessary to request a permit in advance. To carry out this management on behalf of the diving center, it is necessary that each diver provide us with their insurance policy and personal data. If you do not have diving insurance, please contact us and we will do it in the same centre. You can insure yourself for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. For those who are not divers, we are an authorised centre in the Islas Atlánticas Maritime Terrestrial National Park to carry out Diving Baptisms. If you want to try diving for the first time, make a baptism. Cíes Islands the best preserved paradise in Galicia.
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PADI is the acronym for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. It is the certifier with which we work in Portosub and the most important worldwide. There are also others in Spain such as SSI (International Diving School) or CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) among others.

Each one has its own courses, most of them equivalent between one organization and another and their way of achieving objectives.  Recreational diving professionals belong to one or even several of them, depending on the requirements of the area, their clients, etc.

At Portosub we focus every day on improving our services and making diving accessible to everyone. To do this we seek to bring diving to a level accessible to all and we fight for it from the beginning to the present day.

Diving in the sea without previous experience

It is possible to dive in the sea without previous experience. It is what is called Discover Scuba Diving . An instructor will guide you through a theoretical part and then in the practical part make a dive. You will learn to use the basic diving equipment and carry out the activity safely . It can be done on the coast and in Ons. If you want more details, you can consult the information about diving baptisms in the Island of Ons. Our centre located in Portonovo carries out this type of activity every day. What are you waiting for to see the seabed up close? It’s closer than you think.

PADI Open Water Diver Course

The difference between diving and snorkeling is that in the first one you don’t go with a bottle of compressed air in your back that allows you to breathe underwater. To do this, you need a series of skills to make it a safer activity. The PADI Open Water Diver consists of a theoretical section (which you can do online) and a series of practical exercises. You will practice situations that may occur underwater so that you learn to solve them naturally.

Once you have completed the theory and practice, you will obtain a certification of worldwide validity. You will be able to dive anywhere in the world up to 18 meters. The duration of this course is from 4 to 5 days, if you want more information about this course, consult our page about Open Water Diver.

Difference technical diving from professional diving

The technical diving is developed in depths superior to the 40 meters, that are the limit of the recreational diving. For this type of dives, specific knowledge and mixtures of different gases in the air are necessary.

Professional diving is the sector of underwater activities with purposes other than recreational. Their most common jobs are inspections, welding, repairs and recovery of objects.

Technical Diving Courses

PADI as certifier has training in technical diving. However, in Portosub we have dedicated ourselves to recreational diving up to 40 meters. The great part of the dives that we offer are developed below 30 meters. On the other hand, the costs of each dive at great depths make it accessible to a very limited public.