Adapted Diving in Galicia

International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD)

p>At present, all our Instructors are Professionals of Adapted Recreational Diving.

Thanks to Instructor Trainer Pedro Navarro, all Portosub members are now prepared to give adapted diving courses, endorsed by the organization IAHD. Now they are part of this select group, each as an adapted Diving Instructor.

With this new stage, Portosub aims to make diving possible for many people who until now had it more restricted.

Buceo Adaptado
Adapted Diving

Adapted Diving Activities in Galicia

In addition to the activities in the confined water pool, within the possibilities of the student, you can do the Open Water Diver course by means of an adapted diving course.

Underwater activities can be made in Apnea, specific training, experiences in the water and a range of possibilities also for the youngest.

As for the Open Water Diver Courses, our most important commitment will be to enjoy the experience. For any dive, it will depend on the level of each student.

Adapted diving companion

Also their companions can obtain the certification of Dive Partner (adapted diving companion) or Surface Support Specialist (surface specialist assistant).

All certified Instructors have been trained as First Aid and Basic Life Support Instructors. In addition, they have been trained to assist divers with visual, motor and mental problems. Blind and physically disabled people will now have an open door in diving, removing the barriers that the sea puts.

They are also prepared for the diabetic diving , people with sensory impairments, physical or motor problems.

Disability and enjoy the water are compatible.

Every day are more sites, which like this, become Adapted Diving Center to allow everyone to enjoy our passion. It also allows to go further, improving the experience of the user and the family that can actively support the person in this activity.

Soon we will publish on our website any activity related to the sea and this type of diving, so that anyone interested can sign up. If you are a family member or friend of a person with a disability interested in feeling what a diver feels, or start a course , contact us. In this way we will be able to evaluate your level and offer you a range of possibilities adapted to your situation (always under medical supervision and approval).

Choosing a Diving Course
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Choosing Right Diving Course

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Adapted Diving
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Activities for diabetics in Galicia

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