Karting Sanxenxo

Karting Sanxenxo

Facilities in Pontevedra (Galicia)

A world of leisure for all ages

The Karting of Sanxenxo RACING DAKART is located in the centre of the Rías Baixas, 7 km from Sanxenxo (Portonovo) and 8 km from La Toja (O Grove).

It is an open-air recreational area with 60 thousand square meters where you can enjoy:

  • Adult circuit of 900 meters with the best karts.
  • Children's circuit with 270 meters
  • Lake of 30 000 m, ideal for canoeing and other water activities.
  • Quad routes around the lake.
  • Mini-golf with 9 holes.
  • Tyrolean.
  • Trampoline (free for children).
  • Cafeteria-viewpoint you can enjoy a magnificent view of the circuit and the islands of Ons and Onza.

In addition, this year has a new activity in jet ski, the AQUA KART : it is the first aquatic kart in the world designed and patented by Paris Dakart, completely automatic and safe , does not tip over, does not get wet and is very easy to handle in the lake circuit.

Without a doubt you will live an incomparable experience in RACING DAKART!

Racing Dakart video in Sanxenxo

Do you want to know what you are going to find?

Do not miss this excellent video where you can see the amount of emotions and adrenaline that you can live in your visit. Remember that it is a very crowded place and it is advisable to book in advance. Without a doubt, an obligatory visit if you come on holiday to Sanxenxo. Once you try it, you won’t be able to leave the wheel to improve your marks.

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Playa Major, s/n – Noalla
36990 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

Phone: (+34) 986 723 977
Mobile: (+34) 647 616 347


Karting Prices

Adult Circuit Karts

All karting sessions or sleeves have a duration of 8 minutes on the track. Kart available from 14 years.

The races take place in the circuit for adults, 1000 m layout with a track width of 8 m and fully protected by PROTEX KARTING, the safest barrier absorbs impacts on the market.

Karting Sanxenxo GT5

GTR 270 cc

14+ years
  • 2 or more tickets for 16€ each


RT8 390 cc

18 + years
  • 2 or more tickets for 20€ each



18+ years (pilot) | 14+ (companion)
  • 2 or more tickets for 20€ each


RX250 25 Cv

18+ years
  • 2 or more tickets for 25€ each

Karts of the Initiation Circuit

All go-kart runs have a duration of 8 minutes on the track. Kart designed exclusively for drivers over 6 years old.

The activity is carried out in the initial layout, with a distance of almost 300 m, fully protected by PROTEX KARTING, the barrier absorbs impacts safer than the market.


Sodi LR4

From 6 years old


Adult Conducts | Accompanying person between 3 and 7 years old

Events for Groups, Companies or Farewells

In its more than eighty thousand square meters, races and events are held for companies and groups from 20 to 200 people, consisting of:

  • Group reception.
  • Briefing (explanation of the basic rules).
  • Time control computer system.
  • Monitors.
  • Security material.
  • Training hose, contact with the kart and the circuit layout: two reconnaissance laps to the track.
    Prefinal task (8 minutes).
  • Final beam (8 minutes).
  • Delivery of medals and bottle of cava in the podium of champions.
  • Gift activity (canoes or minigolf).

2 sleeves

GT5 270cc
35 pilot

3 sleeves

GT5 270cc
50 pilot

2 sleeves

RT8 390cc
50 pilot

3 sleeves

RT8 390cc
70 pilot

Closed door rentals for Groups and Companies

With exclusive facilities: kart circuit, cafeteria, hall, canoes and minigolf.

Prices for groups

First hour 1200€, successive hours 1000€.

Schools, Associations and Camps

For these groups they offer a package of activities, in which they include an introduction of the student to road safety education, trying to raise awareness of the importance of respecting traffic rules.

They will practice a series of activities in conditions of maximum safety, which in addition to training the student contribute to boosting their self-esteem.

Advantages for the student of the visit to the Recreational Area:

  • Sensitization of the pupil with the traffic rules.
  • Maximum satisfaction of the student when practicing ludic activities in a privileged natural environment.
  • Advantageous development of the self-esteem of the pupil when being able to drive a kart by himself.
  • Reception of the group by specialized monitors.
  • Hiking route to the viewpoint of the circuit (15 minutes).
  • Theoretical Course of Road Driving with the delivery of a didactic notebook.
  • Internships with kart.
  • Canoe or minigolf to choose.
  • Tutors or teachers for free.

It is confirmed that more than 80% of accidents among young people between 18 and 20 years old could be avoided if they had karting children; and this is based on the fact that they react much better to unforeseen events, learning to control the vehicle in extreme conditions, in facilities that meet the highest safety guarantees.

Estudio hecho por la D.G.T.

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To book these services, please notify us at least one week before the event.

This type of event represents a unique offer, which can also serve as a group therapy to strengthen the bonds between the staff of your company, and at the same time break the monotony and stress.

Celebrate your birthday in Sanxenxo

Celebrate your birthday here and for the purchase of a Kart promotion (2 tickets/pilot) on both the junior and adult tracks, we will give you a canoe ticket on the lake and a minigolf ticket for each of the participants.

They also reserve a space for you in the cafeteria so that you can enjoy the cake with all your classmates. To book these services, please notify us at least one week before the event.

Canoa estudiantes de colegio
  • 1,100 meters long and 8 meters wide.
  • Time control computer system.
  • Fast turn.
  • More than 60 Karts for all ages.
  • Children's circuit.
  • Lake of 30,000 square meters.
  • Canoe rides.
  • Quad Routes.
  • Minigolf with 9 holes.
  • Tyrolean.
  • Trampoline.
  • Trekking routes.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Mirador.

About Racing Dakart

Paris Dakart Área Recreativa S.A. is a company that has created and developed the brand RACING DAKART.

It is an innovative business concept of karting circuits whose basic principles are:

It has also developed and patented what is considered to be the safest protective barrier on the market, PROTEX KARTING .

The RACING DAKART brand is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the karting sector and is currently a pioneer in the implementation of circuits in shopping centres and leisure areas. It stands out fundamentally for the security of its circuits, the spectacular aesthetics and the perfect integration within the community of operators of the shopping centres.

They design and create sports facilities consisting of indoor and/or outdoor circuits for karting.

They have the best products on the market: the best go-karts, the safest protections, time control computer systems, business management software, and all the know-how necessary for circuit design.