Wakeboard the nautical sport that sweeps (Wakeboarding)

Why choose to take the step with the Wakeboard?

Rise the adrenaline to the limits and come to enjoy a class of WAKEBOARD . We put all the necessary equipment, just come with the desire to have fun and live an adrenaline experience!

Speed is combined with balance and dexterity, then you start playing with the waves created by the speedboat. You set the limit, we help you feel the emotion.

It is a sport of dragging, traction and a lot of adrenaline

The boat will take you over the sea, you only have to calculate the attention of the rope to maintain speed. The board contains small keels that will help you manage the board, but your balance plays an important role.

You can’t imagine the adrenaline rush until you’re skating over the water. The minutes seem eternal and every turn of the boat will put your body in total ecstasy.

Price: 35€ per person | Duration of the activity: 10 minutes of theory and 20 in the water | Special prices for groups

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Call now and book your Wakeboarding class. Minimum 2 people. Discount for groups.
We are in front of the Náutico de Portonovo (Sanxenxo), Spain.

Tips on the Wakeboard table

The activity theory includes tips on how to use the board, don’t worry. A monitor will help you become familiar with the vest, the board, the boat and all the necessary components. It will teach you how to get out of the water and slide over it and the signs you can use.

Once everything is ready, it will be your chance to download adrenaline on the board doing wakeboarding. If you’ve skied before, you’ll see that it’s very similar. Besides, you won’t have to worry, we will choose the wakeboard board that best suits you.

Wakeboard and water skiing is one of the sports that this 2018 is adding more adepts at the nautical level in the area. In 2017 had a tremendous boom and this year is not being left behind.

Other sports in the area

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Wakeboard demonstration video

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